Weekly Crypto Market Analysis with Geco.one 19.04.2022

Bitcoin has fallen by over $ 9,500 in recent days by nearly 20%. Such a significant depreciation made the quotations of the oldest virtual currency drop below several significant support lines, the last two of which are the horizontal level of $ 42,200 and the upward trend line slightly below.

Thanks to Monday’s rebound of BTC, we are witnessing a re-test of the previously broken upward trend line, the lower boundary of the upward wedge formation, which we have already mentioned several times in the last weeks.

The emergence of a more significant supply response here could signal a potential rejection of the track currently being tested, which would indicate a potential for further declines towards $ 37,000 or even below $ 35,000.

The current situation on the Ethereum quotes is also very interesting. The exchange rate of this cryptocurrency has recently dropped by nearly $ 700, which was almost 20%.

This depreciation pushed the ETH back to around $ 3,000, one of the most recent resistance levels. It is noteworthy that for several days this market has been moving in a horizontal trend between $ 2,980 and $ 3,150. The fact that systems of this type are usually corrective formations may be of significant importance here, which in practice means that the quotes more often break out of them in the direction consistent with the previous move. If this were also the case, the ETH price would drop below $ 2,980, which in turn would threaten its further depreciation towards the upward trend line below $ 2,800.

The current situation on Solana’s trading is also very similar. The exchange rate of this cryptocurrency has recently dropped by over 34%, thus returning below the level of $ 105.50.

For several days the market has been consolidating slightly below the defeated support (now resistance). If only this zone is rejected, we would expect the sell-off to continue, which could return SOL to around $ 88 or down further to $ 79. The following levels of support are located in the vicinity of where a greater demand response could appear, which could initiate another upward movement.

Looking at the Avalanche quotes, we notice that the price of this cryptocurrency has dropped by more than 30% at the same time. The sell-off stopped only near the upward trend line, where there was a demand reaction on Monday.

However, there are many indications that even if this support were rejected, the AVAX rate would only increase around the previously defeated support (now resistance) of $ 83. Therefore, the potential for short-term increases seems to be very limited.

It is noteworthy in this case that the price of this cryptocurrency was between the horizontal resistance and the upward trend line, which is key support. These two constraints form an ascending right triangle. From a purely technical point of view, it is technically neutral, which means that the market can break both up and down, and only the direction of the break will signal a future trend.

A breakout over the top could open the door to further gains as high as $ 100. On the other hand, a drop below the upward trend line would indicate a potential for further depreciation to the $ 54 region.

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